About Instas AB

Instas AB is a market research and consulting agency offering its services to European companies who wish to establish themselves in India’s Medical Device & Diagnostics (MD&D) industry. Thanks to our concrete grasp of this niche, we have been able to focus our resources and expertise in order to develop a deep and updated knowledge about the Indian MD&D market and provide the best value to our clients.

Instas AB was founded in Sweden after identifying the need for assistance for European companies who wish to enter the Indian MD&D market.

These were the specific needs we identified and which we hence set out to fill:

  1. Lack of understanding of the new reimbursement scheme as well as changing regulations for medical devices
  2. Lack of direct contact before choosing distributor(s)
  3. Lack of understanding in terms of connecting with the market whether on the level of touchpoints or granting distribution rights to the best possible partners
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Our Story

Insightful, Intelligent, Intensive – this is the kind of service we make available to our clients. Our understanding of healthcare is deep. Our expertise is in creating commercial value for clients.

We are advocates of healthcare and we know the industry’s capability to help every person on the planet. We know that there will always be extraordinary advances made in life sciences to improve and extend lives. But we also understand that the global health community will continue to find innovative, affordable, inclusive and effective ways to provide the best options in healthcare to everyone who needs it. This is just the right environment we thrive in.

At Instas AB, our passion lies in supporting our clients as they pursue ground-breaking new treatments and contribute to the improvement of health all over the world. As a team, we take pride in our shared dedication to healthcare and our common sense of purpose. Together we aim to collaborate with clients in breaking barriers, developing new and sustainable models, and leaving a long-term impact on healthcare as it evolves.

These are why Instas AB is the partner of choice for companies regardless of size, regardless of their product’s stage in its lifecycle. And we continue to prove our company’s worth with our understanding of Asian healthcare and commercialization, most especially in India, as it is incomparable and is as deep and as differentiated as it goes.

This is the kind of service we offer - deep expertise across commercial functions and therapeutic areas, presence in the local market of India, privileged access to an extremely established network - and it is unmatched.